STS Mexico

logo-mexChapter’s name: Space Tourism Society Mexico Chapter

Chapter creation date: April 15, 2013

Chapter’s headquarters: Reforma 237 Hermosillo Sonora México 83260

pres-mexicoPresident’s name: Roberto Gomez Silva

President contact information: Reforma 237 Hermosillo Sonora México 83260 Mobile 55 1150 5644 México

President since: April 15, 2013


Other key team members:
Vice President: Maria Catalina.
Marketing: Rodrigo Carreon Orozco.
Project Manager: Victor Hugo Ortiz. 
Funds Rising Officer: Ana Isabel Young
Secretary: Tbd 
Treasurer: Tbd

Chapter website: Under Construction.

Chapter’s introductory statement:

Develop and generate private citizen’s interest and awareness of the wonders of space tourism by promoting all the unique and different experiences that the industry, the human nature and the final frontier are offering as a life experience.

“To boldly go and do what no tourist has gone and done before”

Latest information/activity:

For over two decades the President of the Chapter developed and executed:

  1. Space Camp Ambassador in México. Tours to Huntsville Alabama and TitusVille Florida.
  2. Space Shuttle Launches. Incentive and Corporate Tours to Launch Events. Kennedy Space Center. Florida.
  3. School and Corporate Tours to Space Center Houston Texas.
  4. Incentive and Corporate Tours to Astronomical Observatories.
  5. Promotions on Zero-G Parabolic Flights. Working on Mexico´s Aeronautical Permits.
  6. School and Coporate Astronomy and Astronautics weekend Camps.
  7. Developing a Project for a Moon/Mars Analog Base/ Museum in México.

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