STS Iran

Chapter’s name:

Chapter creation date: 2015

Chapter’s headquarters: Alisadr Tourism Co. No. 40, Khajeh Rashid Blvd, Hamedan, Iran 

Founder & President: Mostafa Azizian 

President contact information:

President since: December 2015 



Other key team members:
Hadi Nazari – Vice President
Vahid Azizian – Project Manager & Strategic Programmer
Farnaz Sheikh – Fundraising Officer
Zahra Sabet – Treasurer

Chapter website:

Chapter’s introductory statement: 
With the aim of optimized life compatibility for systems of human excellence interacting with ecosystems to create a better place to live, our team will focus on the following topics in particular:

  1. Spatial structure architecture (cellular) 
  2. Ecosystems 
  3. Endless energy 
  4. Space ergonomics 
  5. Portable temporary accommodations 
  6. Smart transportation 
  7. Behavior and process prediction with high probability under the name of earthification defines our procedures in the field of promotion and development. 

Our mission is to lead and accelerate the growth of innovative ideas and to attract motivated and talented individuals. We are working to gather the largest community of amateurs and professionals to create a clear picture of the future and benefit from our achievements to make a comfortable, safe and better life on earth. 

Latest information/activity: The 1st Earthification Conference Call 2016


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