STS Italy

logo-italyChapter creation date: April 30, 2012

Chapter headquarters: Virgilio 46030 Italy

pres-italyPresident’s name: Fabio Falchi

President contact information:

President since: April 30, 2012 (since chapter founding)

Other key team members:
Fabio Scappi, Vice President and Webmaster

Chapter website:

Chapter’s introductory statement:
Mission STS is focused to produce a strategic plan to introduce to space tourism the Earth-based tourism industry itself, the financial community, the cruise and resorts industry and the entertainment industry. STS believes that space tourism is the most logical step to pursue the goal of expanding humanity into space. The experiences of space tourism may happen at different ‘levels’: from the experience of virtual reality, to those of simulation, to parabolic flights, to the themed resort, and to the real space flight, starting from the suborbital ones to get to those in low earth orbit up to missions in ‘deep space’ such as flights in lunar orbit. In the long term the goal is obviously that of long stays in Earth orbit and flights to the Moon and to Mars.

Latest information/activity: None to report

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