STS Boise

Boise_STS_logoChapter creation date: April 7 2013

Chapter’s headquarters: Boise, Idaho

boise_presPresident’s name: Alex Thatcher

President contact information: 208.850.1296 /

President since: March 16, 2013



Other key team members:
Robert Rodriguez – Treasurer

Chapter websites:, and the Mensa Space Tourism SIG:

Chapter’s introductory statement:
This group isn’t a fan club. You can choose your level of participation, either as an observer or a participator. It is a chapter actively working to put regular people into space. In this group your voice and ideas can be heard. This group isn’t about watching corporate giants and aloof government organizations going into space, it’s about working with them to bring back the voice of the people. It’s about how to bring space industry and high end tech jobs to Boise. It’s about how to inspire people again to look at the stars and believe that someday, somehow they could go there in their own lifetimes, because they can and they will. This group will see to that, I just need the right people to make it happen.

Latest information/activity:
Still building team, won’t go live till Oct 4 2013, currently building websites, meetup site live, regular website, working, Mensa site working, need to get with Mensa folks to set up Special Interest Group. Met with local Discovery Center, lined up for Space Days, in July and already participated in Yuri’s Night. Working with local rocketry club. Set up for interviews on radio and two T.V. channels when team is built.

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