STS Florida

Chapter’s name: Space Tourism Society, Florida

Chapter creation date: August 30, 2013

Chapter’s headquarters:
Jacksonville, Florida

President: Jason Marley
Jason Marley is a Space Community Development Advocate in Florida who engages public, private, government and educational institutions for awareness and accessibility to space development opportunities. His enthusiasm for human space exploration extends from childhood dreams to current opportunities for economic development, research and development, space tourism, media and educational awareness. Based in Jacksonville, Florida – The Space Tourism Society, Florida chapter is lead by a team of seasoned media, engineering and public advocacy professionals.

President since: August 30, 2013

President contact info:

Other key team members:

Tom Patton, Communications Director
Tom Patton is a broadcaster and journalist with more than 30 years of experience in all forms of media. He got his first job in radio in 1978, and has continued a broadcasting and journalism career through such organizations as C-SPAN and The Voice of America, along with multiple local radio and television stations. He is currently working with several online media organizations, including one with a focus on aviation.

William Garbis, Director of Membership South Florida
William Garbis has 30+ years in the Aerospace and Military Electronics Industry working in engineering and in management for Honeywell Avionics, Sperry Defense Electronics (Hercules), E-Systems (Raytheon), Tracor (Marconi/BAE Systems).  He has also worked jointly on various R&D projects with Rockwell, General Dynamics, Martin Marietta, TI and MIT’s Draper labs. 

Chapter Introductory Statement:
Space Tourism Society Florida is focused on building a strong network of aerospace professionals and enthusiast to increase the awareness and accessibility to the space tourism industry. This is achieved through working closely with public and private institutions to promote education, research, entrepreneurship, policy and economic growth centered on the commercialization of space.

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