A Logical Progression into the Future

STS is clearly focused, with a long term overall view, and is evolving a strategic plan to introduce many new industries to realistic space tourism. These include the travel and tourism industry, the financial community, the cruise ship and resort industry, and the entertainment industries. STS believes that space tourism is the most logical endeavor for private enterprise to pursue towards the goal of expanding humankind into space.

STS defines Space Tourism as:

  • Earth orbit and suborbital experiences
  • Beyond Earth orbit (such as Lunar and Mars) experiences
  • Earth-based simulations, tours, and entertainment experiences
  • Cyberspace tourism experiences

A Holistic Approach

STS also believes that exploring the beautiful, sensual and futuristic aspects of space tourism is essential if we are to gain the interest and support of the world public, and the finance community. STS will support all visions of space tourism, but is focused on modeling this new industry after the highly successful cruise line industry. STS has been modeled after the prestigious National Geographic Society. We will conduct major research and promote our findings and plans to the world public. STS will strive to become a major communications hub for the media and the diverse and growing interest in space tourism. We hope you will join the STS and become an active member of this exciting society. Read more about STS membership and how to join.

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