SEE Seminar Speakers

Some of our past presenters for SEE Seminars

Nicola Sarzi-Amade, Ph.D., Vice President and Business Development Manager of Global Aerospace Corporation

Paul Fuller, Social Media Marketing, Founder and Astropreneer,  Founder and CEO, Astropreneur: the Space Edutainment Exploration Game

SpaceX representative (TBD)

David Knight, Terbine Entertainment LLC, SPACE SHUTTLE & THE NEW PIONEERS – Notes & Excerpts from the upcoming Feature-length Documentary Technologist-turned-filmmaker David Knight will present behind-the-scenes imagery from the upcoming documentary film SPACE SHUTTLE & THE NEW PIONEERS -representing a two-year journey into the workings of NASA’s Manned Spaceflight Program, the end of the Space Shuttle and the future being made by “The New Pioneers.”

Tony Materna, serial entrepreneur, pioneer in commercial space launch, and VP Space Tourism Society

Lisa Meller, CMP, CTA, Owner and President, Meeting Perspectives, Inc.; Advisor and Program Director for Corporate and Association Meetings, Conferences, and Group Incentive & Leisure Travel

Ivan M. Rosenberg, Ph.D., Founder and President, Frontier Associates, Inc., co-founder of the Aerospace and Defense Forum

Roberta Perry is the Vice-President of Business Development at Edwards Technologies, Inc. (ETI) and was a founding member of the Themed Entertainment Association (TEA) and served as the association’s president for two years.

Tom Shelley, president, Space Adventures, Space Adventures is the only company that has successfully arranged for private citizens to experience real space flight. His primary focus is the development of clients for Space Adventures’ circumlunar and orbital spaceflight programs.

John S. Spencer, Space Architect, Author, Founder and President of the Space Tourism Society.

Mark Hopkins, CEO of the National Space Society, discussion on space policy and politics

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