Board of Directors

sam_coniglioSamuel Coniglio is a veteran space activist, former Vice President of the Space Tourism Society, formerly of the X PRIZE Foundation and McDonnell Douglas. Designer of several space tourism products such as the “Snuggle Tunnel,” “Zero Gravity Cocktail Glass,” “G-Chair,” service robots, and more. Inventor of the COSMOBOT, a rocket ship-shaped robot that serves quality cocktails. Featured in WIRED, History Channel, Huffington Post, Discovery Channel, and

Allison Dollar, corporate strategist for interactive video and entertainment technology companies. Executive producer of 2002 and 2006 STS Space Tourism ORBIT Awards, as well as T-10 Anniversary Dinner in 2011.

Carolyn Kamii is President of Carolyn Kamii Public Relations, which specializes in architecture, aviation, beauty, fitness, health, food, hospitality, interior design, and special events publicity. Her highly respected clients have received top awards from nationally known consumer and trade publications, and her work includes creating strategic partnerships with charitable organizations, sponsorships of major events, and pursuing cross-promotional marketing opportunities with key talent, tastemakers and influencers in Fashion, Music and Entertainment. Carolyn is also a specialist in foreign languages, and fluently speaks and writes French and Italian, and is conversational in Japanese. She has traveled extensively in Europe and Japan, and also holds a private pilot license, a B.A. in Art History from U.C. Berkeley and a M.A. in Art History from Syracuse University.

Jason Klassi is an Emmy-nominated film maker and President of Expedition Earth, Inc.  He was the director and host of the STS 2002 ORBIT Awards show. He is the author of The Everyday Space Traveler.

David Knight is the producer of SHUTTLE3D & The New Pioneers ( In 2004 he was Vice-President of the Ansari XPRIZE, and has built both high-tech and entertainment ventures.

Tony Materna, president and CEO of Teal Sustainable Packaging and former Air Force Pilot. Vice President of the Space Tourism Society.

Nicola Sarzi-Amade, Ph.D., Vice President and Business Development Manager of Global Aerospace Corporation, an R&D company founded by former NASA/JPL employees. Expert in design of Mars missions, launch vehicles, and spacecraft. Co-author of the book Space Mission Engineering: The New SMAD. Former Chair of the Los Angeles – Las Vegas Section of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA).

Rick Searfoss, former astronaut, Colonel, USAF Retired, commanded the STS-90 “Neurolab” Space Shuttle mission on Columbia. Piloted two other space flights, including a mission to the Russian Mir space station. XCOR Aerospace Chief Test Pilot. Public speaker on leadership, teamwork, peak performance, and innovation.

John Spencer, an award winning NASA Space Architect, designer and developer of several space and future themed theme parks and attractions. Founder and President of the Space Tourism Society.

Jeff Tollefson is CEO of TheraPure Health Essentials Corporation.

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