Space Tourism Society at ISDC 2014 — A Space Renaissance

isdc2014-logoThe National Space Society’s (NSS) 33rd International Space Development Conference (ISDC 2014), was held in Los Angeles between May 14-18, ( Attendance passed 1,100 with almost 400 students from around the world.

The conference theme, “A Space Renaissance” was very well received and it reflected the transformation that is happening now in the space industry toward private space enterprise and space tourism ventures.


STS was represented in the ribbon ceremony: Nicola Sarzi-Amade (far left) and John Spencer (far right)

The Mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti, officially welcoming the ISDC to Los Angeles and starting the conference with a well informed speech and a ribbon cutting ceremony.

John Spencer, founder and president of STS and Nicola Sarzi Amade, former STS Director of Chapter Development and current member of the STS Board of Directors, were the conference Co-Chairs.  Pat Monture was the ISDC 2014 Chairperson.

The ISDC was produced by the professional events production company,

CEC Global Events, in particular by Aggie Kobrin and Michael Kobrin.

Tom VinczeImaginary Pictures, was the master graphic designer and web master for the ISDC.  He is also the web master for STS.

For two years STS leadership helped plan the overall conference as a major STS project.  We created 11 tracks which had almost 200 speakers and panelist.  We also recruited many of the track chair people and staff who worked the show from our large STS network.

Our STS Board of Governors was very active in the ISDC.

Buzz Aldrin, Apollo XI (first Moon landing) was a keynote speaker. Lewis Stanton and Richard Phillips, were the Space Enterprise track co-chairs.

Our STS Board of Directors was also very active.

Tony Materna, STS VP, was the Space Experience track chair.

David Knight, chaired the Space & Media track which brought in respected professionals from the entertainment and media industries including producers from the new COSMOS TV Series.

In addition, we had Rick Searfoss (keynote speaker), Jason Klassi (track speaker), Sam Coniglio (track speaker), Jeff Tollefson (exhibitor), and Carolyn Kamii (VIP Reception Producer).

Additionally, STS Canada was represented by Azam Shaghaghi and Farnaz Ghadaki, who Co-Chaired the Space Engagement track and co-produced the Saturday night party; STS Monterey Bay was represented by Paul Fuller, who co-produced the Saturday party; STS Idaho was represented by Alex Tatcher, who attended the conference; and finally, STS India was represented by Amit Verma, who attended the conference.


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